Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Kasrah ShamayeKasrah Shamaye
Patrick is very reliable and always on time. He explains everything very well, no matter how often I make mistakes, he is very patient and listens to you. His car is always in good order and clean, a pleasure to drive. Patrick has boosted my confidence in driving very difficult and busy roundabouts and other difficult junctions. Patrick had been recommended to me by a friend and would highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to be a good and safe driver. The LDC Driving Skills Workbook was extremely useful for my lesson preparation as well as the LDC YouTube channel.

Anita ObuobiAnita Obuobi
passed 1st time
Patrick was very patient with me all the time. All the routes we used were familiar to me by test day. Patrick taught me all the manoeuvres and the way he taught me was very useful. He also perfected my lane discipline. My main problem was big busy roundabouts but Patrick helped me to alleviate all my fears. I recommend anyone who wants to drive to contact Patrick because he is very good. The LDC Driving skills workbook was very useful as well as the YouTube channel.

Jatheesan AnandJatheesan Anand
passed 1st time
Patrick is an excellent Instructor who can make you drive perfectly in short period of time. He is very helpful with his guidelines, especially approaching roundabouts which was my major problem. He also picked up and improve my hesitation/speed. The LDC YouTube Channel is helpful and easy to learn from within 10 to 20 minutes.

Lucinda LawLucinda Law
Patrick was lovely and would highly recommend him to anyone, I very much enjoyed my lessons. The LD system workbook and DVDs helped me a lot and are a good idea.

Rebecca WaiteRebecca Waite
passed 1st time
Patrick is very patient, calm and has a lot of knowledge. The LD Driving Skill workbook was helpful.

Jordan Davies-RockliffeJordan Davies-Rockliffe
Patrick is a really nice and genuine guy and a really good instructor. I'm very pleased I chose Patrick and equally glad he taught me. The LD System workbook and DVDs were very good and helpful.

Jack BarkerJack Barker
Patrick is always very encouraging, supportive and pushing me beyond my comfort zone. The lessons were broken up nicely so that they didn't become boring. I preferred the LDC Driving Skills Workbook over the DVDs but would have liked more details for the manoeuvres.

Alizera YousefiAlizera Yousefi
Patrick is a reliable, kind, great Driving Instructor and always on time. Please go through the LD system workbook/DVDs, even if you know how to drive, they are very helpful.

Kuldeep SinghKuldeep Singh
Patrick is a very friendly, easy going and polite Driving Instructor. He is a good teacher who explained to me in a very good way, very professional and equally punctual.

Abdallah SalihAbdallah Salih
1st time
First of all, when I rate 5 stars it is too little. Patrick is number one Driving Instructor and I recommend him highly. I passed my driving test first time because he kept telling me and explained in details my mistakes until I correct it. Thank you very much Patrick for everything you have taught me. I only had the LDC Driving Skills Workbook but it helped me a lot to prepare for the next lesson. I also watched the LDC Youtube Channel to help me with my manoeuvres and general driving.

Lewis WingLewis Wing
Passed 1st time
I really enjoyed working with Patrick. I always felt relax and Patrick made me feel safe at all times. Also he believed in me, that gave me the confidence to go for my driving test, which I passed first time.

Michael HynesMichael Hynes
Passed 1st time
Patrick is an excellent Instructor, very patient, made me feel relaxed throughout my lessons. He gave clear instructions and made me feel safe and confident on the road. Patrick has a good sense of humour and made every lesson enjoyable. The LD System Workbook/DVDs were very helpful as well as the online theory test resources.

Leanne CroucherLeanne Croucher
Passed 1st time
I couldn't have passed without Patrick. Failed 5 times with another Instructor! Passed first go with Patrick!

David HeyDavid Hey
Patrick is patient and supportive, a very skilled tutor who listens and adapts his methods to best support the students needs. Unfailingly jolly a pleasure to be taught by. The LD Workbook clearly written and easy to understand.

Kyran StamsmoreKyran Stamsmore
Patrick is a nice and patient instructor, better than my last instructor who didn't even teach me the basic's. The LD Workbooks and Dvd's are great they helped me refresh my memory for the next lesson while I was not driving.